Ivan Bates aims to address gun crimes, squeegeeing if elected State's Attorney

Ivan Bates
Posted at 2:47 PM, Jul 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 17:37:33-04

BALTIMORE — Ivan Bates on Monday held a press conference for the first time since winning the Democratic Primary Election for Baltimore City State's Attorney.

He is projected to beat two-term incumbent Marilyn Mosby, who conceded the race on Saturday.

During a short Q&A session, Bates vowed to rollback some of Mosby's more controversial policies which have handcuffed police from making arrests for a variety of low level criminal offenses.

Bates: There will be "change" and "accountability" in the City

One of those so called non-violent crimes that police have turned a blind eye to as of late, involves panhandling.

The issue of squeegee people have received the most scrutiny, when it comes to such laws not being enforced.

They became a lightning rod of discussion earlier this month, after a squeegee teen shot and killed a man who confronted them.

Since then many other victims have come forward about their negative experiences with those young residents, who on a daily basis sit at busy city intersections, washing car windows for money.

Mayor Brandon Scott has rejected the idea of clearing them from corners, but Bates says they can't be there because it's unsafe.

On Monday, the Democratic State's Attorney nominee said that just stepping off the sidewalk going in and out of traffic, is illegal in itself.

Bates on Squeegee Kids: "They cannot be there, it's not safe!"

Bates said he hopes to issue citations to offenders, while opening a community court that would first offer options of diversion rather than immediate prosecution.

When asked about push back he may receive from the Mayor on his approach, Bates seemed confident the two could reach a compromise.

He also pledged to attack gun violence by going after those violent repeat offenders, who have the City on pace for yet another year of 300 plus murders.

As a prominent defense attorney Bates said suspects think twice before committing gun crimes in other jurisdictions outside the city, because they will be held accountable.

Bates: Suspects think twice before committing gun crime outside City

To change that Bates says he wants to prioritize how the State's Attorney's Office preps cases headed to trial.

Bates says no decisions have been made on who he will bring in to make up his executive team.

In November, Bates will face-off against independent candidate Roya Hanna in the General Election.