Sheriff releases details of Panera shooting

Posted at 11:49 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-23 06:09:31-04

It has been six weeks since the murder of two sheriff's deputies in Harford County, and now we're learning much more about exactly what happened on that day.
Senior Deputy Pat Dailey, and Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon both died, along with the suspect, David Evans.

On Tuesday the Sheriff and other county officials released some of the 911 calls and radio transmissions that came as the shootings unfolded.

Dep. Dailey entered the Panera Bread restaurant in Abingdon, looking for Evans.  He found him, in a booth near the back of the restaurant.

“He asked the suspect for his ID and then to show his hands, and the suspect immediately drew a handgun and fired,” said Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler.

The shot struck Dep. Dailey in the head, killing him.  The encounter lasted just 11 seconds.

More deputies responded.  Evans ran out the back of the restaurant -- toward the nearby Parkview Apartments, where apparently Evans had been living out of his car.

He made it to the car, and as Dep. Logsdon approached he fired again.

Logsdon returned fire, but he'd been struck in his vest and also in his hip.  That shot proved to be fatal.

Two other deputies fired a total of 33 shots, killing Evans.

Harford County State's Attorney Joe Cassily said he's "glad" Evans was killed in the shootout.

“Had this been a prosecution it would've been a very unsatisfactory prosecution,” he said.  “To only be able to ask for a life sentence for someone who just murdered two police officers. And I believe this case calls for the reinstitution of the death penalty in Maryland.”

Investigators found four more weapons in the trunk of David Evans' car:  a revolver, two rifles -- including one with a makeshift silencer, which police believe Evans used to shoot his ex-wife back in 1998, and also a shotgun.  They also found more than 2700 rounds of ammunition.

At that news conference, the sheriff said Evans had been stalking is ex-wife and their children -- even setting up a Racebook account that he never posted on, only monitored their activities.

Police believe Evans had been at that Panera Bread restaurant -- armed with a handgun -- every day for at least two months before the shooting happened.