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Police: Banks assaulted fourth officer before fatal East Baltimore chase, shootout

Posted at 4:24 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 17:21:06-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police shot and killed suspect Tyrone Banks after police say he shot at or assaulted three officers in two days.

But WMAR-2 News has confirmed, Banks assaulted a fourth officer as well.

Banks’ very first assault was on a southeast district officer just after midnight Tuesday morning.

"An individual threw a (inaudible) at me, pulled out a gun,” the officer is heard saying on police radio. “I am trying to tail him, he is going down Highland, getting ready to cross Baltimore."

Baltimore Police confirm Wednesday that the suspect the officer is talking about is indeed, Tyrone Banks, who then led police on a chase through the southeast district.

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Police are heard on the radio calling out that the suspect is armed, speeding and in a silver colored Honda CRV.

It was that same car that, just about a half hour later, was seen speeding down and almost hitting an officer on Reisterstown Road on the city’s west side.

Then, just minutes later, police say Banks then hopped out of his car at Pennsylvania and Fremont and fired upon a third officer.

"He is shooting at my car!” the officer yelled into his radio.

The officer was not struck, neither was his car but now, for the second time that night, officers gave chase...this time through the streets of West Baltimore.

But as police approached 295 -- a supervisor called off the chase.

"Break it off,” the supervisor said after learning Banks was speeding at 90 miles an hour. “I don’t want our officers getting hurt. Break it off."

Police say Banks took off down the parkway.

Three officers in two districts were assaulted that first night.

Banks would then re-appear Wednesday night -- back in the southeast district where he led officers on yet another chase.

A fourth officer was shot in the leg and an innocent bystander, 51-year-old Ray Maier was struck by gunfire while sitting at the light at Caroline and Fayette.

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Banks was shot and killed -- his silver Honda now the center of a massive internal investigation.

While the Baltimore Police Department has yet to address many questions around the incident, it also confirms to WMAR-2 News that the shell casings from western district shooting do match the gun Banks was carrying on him the night he was killed by police.