Searching for suspects involved in ATM thefts

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 17:24:10-05

Police in Baltimore City are investigating a rash of ATM thefts -- with suspects not targeting people going to the machines, but the machines themselves.

Investigators have surveillance video from two of the incidents, at Freddie's Grocery Store and the J.R. Mart, both in West Baltimore.

The regulars at Freddie's say they already miss the ATM.

“I know my sisters use it and I know my next door neighbor uses it when she comes up here but now, it's like, it goes back to the transportation thing now you've got to find a way to get out to different areas just to get your money,” said William Harvey, who lives nearby.

On December 28, two suspects broke into the store last month and ripped the small ATM it off the wall, while a surveillance camera rolled.

“They just took the ATM and go,” said Idrissa Rouamba, the store owner's nephew., who added that in addition to lost revenue from the ATM, repairing the rest of the damage wasn't cheap.

“They broke the door; to fix the door it cost us like 2000, 3000 to fix the door,” he said.

Then a few blocks to the west, the very next day, two men wearing similar clothing targetd the J.R. Mart on Westwood Avenue.

Baltimore Police tell ABC-2 News they are investigating at least 10 thefts like these, in the Western and Southwestern districts.

“If you live around here and you use this corner store it's like a community corner store it's like taking out of our pocket. It's like taking out of our pocket,” Harvey said.

Rouamba said he's not sure how much money was in their ATM but he says it isn't much.

Police say in some of those cases the suspects got rid of the machines at Leakin Park in West Baltimore, after getting the money out.

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