Murder victim's family speaks out on the hard work of Homicide Detective Sean Suiter

Posted at 5:45 PM, Nov 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 17:45:43-05

Exactly a week later and Harlem Park in West Baltimore remains a crime scene, an active one as forensics were called back out on Wednesday.

But while technicians revisited Detective Suiter's crime scene, Kevin Fenwick, father of a 2015 murder victim, felt compelled to meet ABC2 at his son's crime scene.

"He was more than just a police officer," said Kevin Fenwick.

Kendal Fenwick you might recall was murdered two years ago after erecting a fence around his Northwest Baltimore home to keep the drug dealers out.

A good hard working honest family man, his killing lingers just a little longer in the barrage of what can be Baltimore's violent crime stats. A cold-blooded killing that would fall to a brand new homicide detective at the time.

Kendal Fenwick was Detective Sean Suiter's first case, and first ever closure.

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"He brought comfort to my family knowing that we had this person behind bars and he always told me I would be there for you and he has, and he has. A true friend, he has," said Kevin Fenwick.

It didn't stop there, through the next two years Suiter became family to Fenwick. 

"He was special. A very, very special man. My brother, I will love him forever," said Fenwick.

His colleagues say much the same thing. Detective Eric Perez came up in the department with Suiter, telling ABC2 that all he can do from falling apart is balancing such pain with the drive for justice. 

"I have to battle the emotion while sticking to the mission which is finding who killed Sean. So you have to really know when to turn that switch on and off so that you could stay on course and stay focused on what needs to be done, " said Detective Eric Perez.

The concept of closure is subjective, personal, but there is perhaps no one better equipped to define it than a homicide detective and the family of a murder victim.

For Fenwick, he can only hope the family of the man who worked to give him his closure is afforded the same comfort.

"It's terrifying, it is. Speechless, speechless. Just trying to hold myself together now but um, speechless, speechless," said Fenwick.