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Fiancé of man killed by police while holding her at knife point demands justice

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-18 07:27:07-04

BALTIMORE — "They stood there and they killed him. And it’s not fair," said Shannon Burnham.

She hasn’t slept. The terrifying events from Sunday still burned in her mind. Baltimore police shot and killed her fiancé who was holding her at knife point.

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"I was scared but we were trying to talk him out of it, talk him down," said Burnham.

She said it all started early Sunday morning in their East Baltimore home. Her fiancé, 49-year-old Timothy Fleming was not acting like himself. He was hallucinating, scared someone was in their home trying to kill him.

"He grabbed me by my hair. He pushed me threw me down on the ground and had a knife to me," said Burnham.

She begged him to put the knife down and a family member called police. When officers arrived, they found Fleming with a large knife standing over Burnham.

Police said they tried multiple times to deescalate the situation, asking him to drop the knife and saying they were trying to help.

But when he grabbed her by her hair and motioned that he was going to stab her, police say one, possibly two officers fired their weapons, hitting and killing Fleming.

Burnham describes him as a family man. They had two kids together who were home at the time. She thinks the situation should have been handled much differently.

"They sat there and repeatedly shot at him and they shouldn’t have done that. I can see one shot in the leg or tased him. They didn’t even had the taser," said Burnham.

Sunday, after reviewing body camera footage, the mayor and police commissioner said the officers followed their training and acted to save her life.

"They did exactly what we want them to do to try to preserve life at all costs but we also know that we cannot allow people to harm people, especially when they are standing right there," said Mayor Brandon Scott.

But Burnham and Fleming's family are calling for justice.

"It’s not right what they did to my fiancé and my boys... now they have to live with no father," said Burnham.

Police commissioner Michael Harrison said they plan to release body camera footage to the public soon.