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BPD: Man holding woman at knife-point shot, killed by officers Sunday

East Lafayette Shooting
Posted at 11:26 AM, May 16, 2021

Baltimore Police are investigating an officer involved shooting on Sunday that left one person dead.

Police say the shooting took place in the 1800 block of E. Lafayette Avenue at around 10:39 a.m.

Officers were dispatched to the area for a family disturbance and upon arrival met with a family member who called 911.

The individual told police there was a man inside their home on the second floor holding a woman at knife point.

Upon entry into the hallway, officers saw the suspect with a knife standing over the victim on the floor.

"Admonishing the suspect many times to put the knife down, admonishing the suspect to allow them to help solve the problem they may have had," said Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

After the use of deescalation techniques, the suspect grabbed the victim by her hair and motioned that he was going to stab her.

This is when police say one, possibly two officers discharged their weapons, striking the suspect. It is not known at this time how many times the suspect was shot.

"They did exactly what we want them to do to try to preserve life at all costs but we also know that we cannot allow people to harm people, especially when they are standing right there," said Mayor Brandon Scott.

Family members on scene were very distraught, calling for answers.

"Explain to me why my cousin dead. How did he get shot in the back by police? His back was turned. How’s he dead? Explain that," said a family member.

Aid was rendered to the suspect, but he ultimately died.

The mayor and police command staff watched the body camera footage before today’s briefing.. And they say they plan to release to the public soon.

We will update as more information comes in.