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Charging docs: 23-year-old Baltimore mother was eight months pregnant at time of shooting

Posted at 3:59 PM, Jun 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 18:18:23-04

BALTIMORE — When it came to her 3-year-old granddaughter, Latrice Johnson documented everything.

"She was perfect. She was my everything," said Johnson.

From the silly moments in the car, to the big milestones, like Shaniya's 'Pop Pop' Calvin Brown teaching her how to ride a bike.

It’s these memories she holds on to. The painful reminders of a beautiful life taken far too soon.

"Her favorite place is the park. Just the day before this happened, we took her to four parks in one day. Everywhere she wants to go, we make sure she goes," said Johnson. "And that’s the one thing that’s giving me a little bit of peace because I know that her lasts days were her best days of her life."

Friday, Shaniya Gilmore was found shot dead in a car with her mother, 23 year old Shiand Miller, who was 8 months pregnant. Johnson said she was working hard, had just gotten a car and a new place to live.

"She definitely was working for her family. She was a good girl. I liked her, I really did," said Johnson.

Monday, dozens of Baltimore Police trainees combed through the woods behind the memorial set up in their honor.

The man arrested, Johnson said was the father of Miller’s unborn baby.

24-year-old Devon Sample faces multiple murder charges as well as a new charge in Maryland from Laura and Reid’s law, passed last year in honor of Laura Wallen, a pregnant Howard County teacher who was killed in 2017.

This is the first murder case in Baltimore where Laura and Reid’s law has been used to charge someone with violence against a pregnant person.

It's just a bit of relief for Johnson, who is calling for the maximum punishment, and across the city, calling for peace.

"Put the guns down. We are loosing too many lives, too many kids, too many children, too many mothers," said Johnson.

According to charging documents, officers arrived at the shooting just after 12 p.m. on June 19 and found Miller and her 3-year-old child unresponsive with gunshot wounds. Investigators learned that there was a camera facing the street of 200 Boswell Road as well as pointing in the direction of the crime scene.

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The documents state that Sample was stopped a month prior by Baltimore Police in Miller's vehicle and that there was evidence the two were romantically involved. Police then attempted to locate and speak with Sample.

When officers arrived at his home, they spoke with his grandmother who told officers that he was not home. She also stated that Miller and Shaniya had been at the home the evening of June 18.

After being advised by officers that the residence would secured by police pending a warrant, she told officers that Sample was on the second floor of the residence.

Sample was then detained and taken into custody.

Following a search and seizure warrant, investigators observed a black BMW parked in close proximity to the home, the vehicle being registered to Sample.

Charging documents state that investigators returned to the scene to review camera footage. The footage showed a black BMW driving Southbound in the 200 block of Boswell Avenue followed by the Subaru.

After the vehicles pull to the side of the road, the video shows the occupant of the dark SUV exiting his vehicle and standing at the side of the sedan.

According to officials, the occupant goes over to the passenger side of the vehicle and there is a muzzle flash seen from within the vehicle, followed by two more flashes. Moments later, the dark SUV leaves and heads southbound toward Frederick Avenue and the sedan remained on the scene.

According to charging documents, Sample admitted to the operation of the black BMW at the time and date of the incident and that he was with the victims in that location.

He told investigators that he parked in front of the victim's vehicle, entered the front passenger, with Shiand in the driver's seat and Shaniya in the backseat.

However Sample claims he got into his vehicle, left the area and never saw the victims again.

Sample is being held without bond. Miller's mother started a GoFundMe to help with the funeral expenses.