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Body camera footage shows moments leading up to deadly police-involved shooting

Posted at 3:06 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-28 05:54:42-04

BALTIMORE — Days after an officer-involved shooting killed Kevin Mason, Police Commissioner Michael Harrison has released the body camera footage showing the moments leading up the incident.

On Sunday night around 11:40 p.m., officers were called to the 4900 block of Pembridge Avenue for a domestic related call. Harrison said a woman had called police saying Mason was trying to get into her home, but by the time officers got there, he was already inside.

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According to the body cam footage released on Wednesday, officers knocked on the door and were approached by an angry Kevin Mason yelling at them to get off his property.

WARNING: Below is the released video, it does contain graphic images and explicit language

The video shows Mason with a barking dog, chasing the officers off his front lawn and onto the sidewalk behind his fence. He then retreated into the house.

Harrison then played a 911 call where Mason told the operator that if the officers did not get off his porch he would kill them all. He said that was the moment when the domestic violence call turned into a barricade situation.

Next, police showed video of officers in the back alley of the home talking about how Mason was pointing a gun at them and saying he was going to 'pop' them. It was later discovered that Mason did not have a gun. However, you can clearly hear an agitated Mason threatening to “kill every last one” of the officers who were on or around his property and the moments of the shooting.

Harrison says he is not sure what was in his hand to make officers believe it was a gun and he does not want to speculate.

By 12:13 a.m., the video shows Mason opening the front door of the house and you hear two shots fired. Harrison says he is not sure how many shots hit Mason, and he is waiting for the Medical Examiner to give him that information.

Only one officer, John Johnson, fired their weapon at Mason, but there were multiple officers that responded to the call.

“No one ever wants to see a life lost, no one wants to see that actually happen, but this was probably, if not the most dangerous situation we could find ourselves in,” said Harrison regarding domestic related calls.

Harrison said he decided to release the video in an effort to become more transparent within the police department. He also added that he is in the process of making it protocol to release body camera footage after a police-involved shooting.