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Baltimore barber/photographer killed, community remembers his impact

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jul 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-02 08:32:45-04

BALTIMORE — “I’m just really proud,” said Catherine Whitley.

She’s proud of her son, Kenny Whitley. He was a loved Baltimore barber and photographer. On Wednesday, he was shot and killed on Dolfield Avenue in the city.

“He just didn’t deserve it,” said Whitley. She added, “I just don’t see why it had to be him, why he had to be the one who was in this situation?”

Her son went by Kenny Bean. “There were two Kenny’s on the block, so they didn’t get it mixed up they called him Kenny Bean,” said Catherine Whitley.

She said they chose ‘Bean’ because he was the smaller one and it just stuck. Kenny created the Kenny Bean Empire where he cut hair, took pictures and even made a clothing line.

“He had a camera and trimmers. He didn’t choose to play the block. He took something that was a part of him. He was artistic and he pushed it to the fullest, and we’re gonna remember him like that,” said Jugg Production.

He said he was inspired by Kenny Bean.

“He gives a lot of inspiration to everybody. Even if you’re not a photographer or barber," Jugg added. "He was an entrepreneur and a good young black man just trying to do right.”

Many people said they took their children to see Kenny Bean because he had a small studio with one chair and made the kids feel comfortable. His mother said his favorite was photography, something he picked up from her.

“I liked taking pictures. I’d get a new camera, and I’d say, 'here Kenny, you can have this camera' and then get another, and then I guess you can have this one,” Catherine Whitley said as she laughed.

She said these good memories are what helps get her through this difficult time.

“I really pray to God they find who this person was,” Whitley said.

Kenny Bean was killed just before midnight on June 26. If you have any information, call Baltimore Police.