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Man admits to strangling girlfriend, family reacts

Posted at 9:56 PM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 23:36:16-04

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — "It's been exhausting. It's brought up all the emotions like when it first happened," said Dawn Burdreaux, the mother of Megan Burdeaux.

The 21-year-old woman was strangled and sexually assaulted by her boyfriend in September 2018. This week, Edgar Manning IV admitted to killing his girlfriend. He gave a guilty plea on Monday but still has to be sentenced.

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"We want him to serve his life sentence because our family has to serve a life sentence every day. Every day I remain on this earth is a life sentence without her so I feel it’s appropriate for him to serve a life sentence," said Dawn.

She said they're relieved they didn't have to be put through a week long trial but will never have closure.

"Something we have to learn to live with as a family and move forward and start to heal without her," said Vicki Wilson, Megan's Aunt. "Still a little confused, angry and we just feel like, I feel like he didn’t show her any mercy and I don’t think he should be showed any mercy."

Megan's sister, Jessica Burdeaux, said as hard as it is there's only one way to move on.

"I believe I can forgive but I will never forget," Jessica said as she showed pictures of her sister, her favorite where Megan is kissing a butterfly.

This family is extremely close, going on vacations together every year. They spent Wednesday reminiscing about this young woman they loved so much.

"We all love her dearly and we always will and every night I talk to her. Every night before I go to bed I talk to her," said Bunny Herb, Megan's grandmother.

"She was so determined, a beautiful soul and always taking care of people," said Dawn. She talked about how her daughter loved animals and wanted to become a veterinarian, maybe even one day work with sea creatures in Australia.

"Every day that’s passed hasn’t made it any easier. She’s still missed. I still think about the dreams and hopes and all the lives she would have impacted, mainly animals," said Dawn. "I just wish I could have seen her grow up and impact the world."

"She was all about family. She had a beautiful smile. She had a contagious laugh, such a loud laugh," said Wilson. "We will never be able to hug her again, never be able to hear her laugh again."

Wilson expressed her faith helps her understand she will see her niece again.

Now, they dread the final day they have to be forced to relive Megan's death again. Manning's sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 18.