Queen Anne's County sets up emergency incident command center in response to COVID-19

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-07 17:43:29-04

QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, Md. — These are trying times for us and trying times for those looking after us. In Queen Anne's County, they've set up a emergency incident command center in response to the COVID-19 virus.

The command center, is at the Health Department of Centreville and has all of the department heads mainly working from there. The center has been in place for about three weeks with all Department of health employees, emergency operation folks and representatives to all county departments so they can react and respond to this ongoing health emergency.

When you're looking after 50,000 residence, you don't need social distance, in this circumstance, it's better if the department heads are together and on the same page.

Dr. Joseph Ciotola is the Heath Officer for the county and attributes the fact there have been only 16 cases and no deaths in the county to its citizens.

"I think we've had a very cooperative and aggressive and intelligent response from out community," Dr. Ciotola said.

Dr. Ciotola says those good results could make people fell complacent. He warns us to not be fooled yet. We still do not know how this virus is going to act.

Firemen and paramedics are on the front line dealing with this deadly disease, but Dr. Ciotola tells us we might have even a bigger part in taking care of the public.

"Your health care provider, the EMS, we're the backup but, you as the population are the front line. You are the one that can stop this effectively more than anyone else," Dr. Ciotola said.