Group on Kent Island helping make sure children receive free lunches

Posted at 4:29 PM, Mar 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-24 17:40:34-04

KENT ISLAND, Md. — Schools are closed in Maryland, but the need for children that receive free lunches is still there.

Now, a group on Kent Island is helping out in Queen Anne's County to help fill that void.

Justin Davis, Lauren Huffman and friends are loading up lunches to be taken to school kids in Queen Anne's County. They have done this since schools closed down.

Right now, they load 500 lunches every day to deliver to those in need directly to their houses. Parents can come to the schools now to get lunches but some people can't get to the schools.

"A lot of them don't have transportation to get to the schools, others their parents are considered essential employees and are working and not home to take them to school."

So far they have three drop off places: Carmines in Stevensville, Kent Island United Methodist Church and Mama Mia's in Centreville.

Lauren is doing this to help the community but it goes a little deeper than that.

"I think that this was important. My kids used to be a part of a program like this when before as soon as I became divorced and so I thought it was necessary to jump in and help," she said.

There are other benefits from this than just helping those where you live.

"It feels really good and it's teaching my kids a really valuable lesson that they need to help out and to help out people in need."

The schools may be closed in Queen Anne's County, but these kids may be learning their most important lesson this year, they importance of helping your neighbor.

For more information on the group, here's a link to their Facebook group.