Coronavirus impacts local businesses around Towson University

Posted at 10:49 PM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 23:17:18-04

TOWSON, Md. — There’s growing concern in Towson about the impact the coronavirus could have on businesses in the area.

Towson University, along with other schools and universities in Maryland, announced it will cancel classes this week. The university also said students should be prepared to not return to campus for possibly two weeks after spring break.

If those students leave Towson and return home, the decision could hurt area businesses that heavily rely on students

"It's going to definitely hurt the town,” said Josh Young, who is a bartender at Rec Room on York Road.

He says the bar was already prepared for students to leave for Spring Break. Young adds they weren’t prepared for them to be gone longer.

"The college students are huge here. Pretty much all of our business…It will be a huge loss,” Young said if student don’t return after Spring Break

Paul Rizas owns Slice and Holy Cow in Towson. He says he’s not too worried about his business sales, but he says he does face another challenge.

"Most of our staff our students,” he said. "Those students who wont have classes to go to and go online may choose to go home."

Rizas says this means he could possibly lose most of his staff. He says he’ll be able to make it up by hiring temporary employees.

Despite, the challenges he and other businesses may face, he says he still supports the school’s closing.

"Towson made this decision for the safety of the university, of the students and of the teachers…that was the right decision,” he said.