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Westminster business offers free internet for people still without power

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Posted at 10:25 PM, Aug 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-09 23:14:16-04

WESTMINSTER, Md. — After Monday evening’s storms, BGE crews have been working long hours to restore power as fast as they can.

The lingering effects are felt throughout the community.

“The storm hit certain areas, so you’ve spent the last couple of days just circulating around those areas and trying not to get in the backups of our little main street," said Rick Leimbach, CFO advisor at Startup Portal.

Leimbach says since his office space got its power back so soon, why not open up the space for people who may need the internet or people who normally work from home.

“Okay how do we open the doors to let people come in and do work where at home they may not have internet or anything of that sort so we just thought let’s open it up and see what we can do,” Leimbach said.

The company announced on social media Wednesday that it is opening up its space for a few days.

“I would say the next week, quite frankly, even those little hot spots in the further parts of the county that are probably last on the list, if people need internet and service, we're here to help them,” Leimbach said.

He says you don’t have to just come for work; if you simply want access to the internet for any reason and you can't get it at home, you can come to their office.

“If you just need a space, that's cool, and you want to play on your laptop and just sit here, you don’t have to be working right, so you certainly can," Leimbach said.

He says other businesses in Westminster have also been doing what they can to help people who are still without power, even simple things like giving out ice and water.

“So everybody is sort of sticking together and helping out where we can," Leimbach said.

Leimbach says they were only able to offer the space since they got their power back so quickly.

“Thank you to the utility workers because we were supposed to have it Saturday opened up and it opened up this morning," Leimbach said.