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Veterans share their stories with volunteers around a potluck

Posted at 12:08 AM, Jun 18, 2024

BALTIMORE — Every man at the Baltimore station has served our country, and now they are getting services in return.

On Monday, a group of volunteers cooked dinner, each bringing one item to feed the men.

“One of my personal goals in life is to get back, so it feels right, you know," says Tatum, a volunteer.

“I really get to check in with the guys on kind of like a one on one basis seeing how they’re doing," says Andrew Bagby, a volunteer.

We spoke with one veteran who has only been at the Baltimore station for two months, but he says that short amount of time has had a huge impact on his life.

And he says that on days like this, he gets to connect with others and share his story.

“I just tell him about my experience you know everybody has different experiences and different mindset different goals," says Allen Young, an army veteran.

Allen Young served in the army in the late 90s; after he got out, he got back into the workforce.

He says he recently dislocated his shoulder in a slip-and-fall accident, and after that, his whole life changed.

Once his savings and benefits ran out, he ended up homeless.

“So in that ran out, um, you know, I was wrongfully evicted, and so it let me here," says Allen.

Andrew Bagby says Young’s story is just one example of why he keeps coming back to serve these men.

“We are all dealing with some challenge in our life that keeps us from being where we need to be, and we all need to be comfortable leaning on to people around us for support," says Andrew Bagby.

Allen Young says he plans to leave the shelter soon and get back into the workforce.

He says he is looking to land an IT job with the help of other veterans who were once housed at the station.

The next potluck is on July 15th.