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Useful tips for Baltimore's first heat wave of the summer

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 14, 2024

BALTIMORE — We're approaching intense temperatures for next week's heat wave.

But some people aren't letting the heat slow them down.

Amara Danchin, a college freshman, is back in Baltimore for the summer. Three to four times a week, she and her father find time to play tennis even in the sweltering heat.

"It was definitely hard even coming today and it's not even as hot as it's gonna be next week," said Danchin.

If you're going to be active outside next week, it's important to take things slow and pay attention to the signs.

"If something isn't feeling right, if you're feeling lightheaded, take a break, take water. You can always stop and you can start again," said Danchin.

In preparation for the blistering heat, every year, Matt Sedgley, sports medicine physician at MedStar, helps teach an emergency and sports physician training. The class provides teaching opportunities to physical therapists, and athletic trainers working with high school and college athletes.

"Athletes sometimes are very prone to getting injured with heat because they make even more when they are running. So if you're outside in the heat and you are running as an athlete, playing basketball or catching a football, you're making even more heat in addition to the sun that's already on you so you have to be careful because that could cause heat injury," said Sedgley.

He also says this is the time of year when the heat brings out symptoms like nausea, headache, dizziness and dehydration.

"People can actually get heat exhaustion where they almost feel like they're going to collapse or heat stroke, which can actually be deadly," said Sedgley.

Be sure to wear light breathable clothes, stay hydrated, take breaks and incorporate a buddy system when outside.