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Restaurants on York Road burglarized in a smash-and-grab

York Road smash and grab
Posted at 5:12 PM, Aug 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-23 09:54:19-04

BALTIMORE — Two popular restaurants in North Baltimore were broken into in the middle of the night leaving owners to clean up the mess.

Glass covered the sidewalk in front of Nailah's Kitchen on York Road, leaving two empty doors. It's the scene after a break in that happened in the middle of Monday night.

A few steps next door at Heritage Smokehouse it’s a similar view.

"It's just one more thing that we don't need in this restaurant industry,” said owner of Heritage Smokehouse, Jennifer Marsh.

She said they were contacted around two in the morning by police informing them they were victims of a smash-and-grab.

"It made me really sad because I was born and raised in Baltimore, I’m constantly saying how safe it is here and I do feel safe, I just feel like it's such a stupid thing to have happen,” said Marsh.

Surveillance video from inside shows two people dressed in hoodies, wearing sunglasses. The two run behind the counter of the bar, grab cash registers and take off through the broken window, but there's one thing they failed to notice.

"The cash drawers were found outside on the ground and they didn't have any money in them. We leave them open and empty, so we don't keep money here,” said Marsh.

A worker from Nailah's Kitchen, who wished to not be on camera, said their cash registers were also stolen.

Regular customer Teqia Thornton pulled up today to grab lunch. She's been going to Nailah's for five years and was shocked to see what happened.

"Why break into somebody's property and destroy their stuff and steal from them. People work hard for their money and work hard for their establishment, so come and destroy it and break into it, is ridiculous,” said Thornton.

Marsh said it's a lot of money for the repair their family owned business doesn't have to spare.