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Turner Station community holds first town hall meeting

Posted at 11:18 PM, Jul 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-27 23:18:02-04

DUNDALK, Md. — Turner Station is a community in Baltimore County that has a long, rich Black history.

It is one of the few all-Black communities left in the county, but as times change, so does the neighborhood, and many of the neighbors say they now want a different kind of change.

“This is a community where, when I was growing up, it was a community of love and unity. The town hall is basically to try to revive our community and bring our community back to life again," said Bishop Marvin Williams.

The town hall was led by the Ms. Reene Foundation, and the objectives of the meeting were to promote financial literacy, home ownership, and building preservation.

They also discussed crime prevention strategies, education, youth programs, and elderly services.

“We had a lot of good input from the people in the community, but they’re tired of what they’re fed up what they would like to see done, so I was happy with the turnout," said Maxine Waterhouse.

Many in the community would like to see it as it once was—a thriving, self-sufficient neighborhood.

“Everybody knew everybody. At one time in this community, you could leave your doors open. Nobody bother you; we didn’t have time. We had our own gas stations movie theaters. We had a home stores, and this is something that we’re trying to revitalize had to bring back to this community," said Bishop Williams.

Each person gave their opinion, and regardless of any differences, they all agreed they wanted to get back to being as community-based and connected as they once were.

“Turn the station is standing up and fighting for the community. There used to be 40 black communities in Baltimore County and we’re one of the few that left and we’re not going down without a fight, and we’re going to get what we deserve it. What we’re entitled to get," said Waterhouse.

At the next town hall meeting, they plan to create small groups to take on each of the areas they want to see change in and begin creating their ideal community.