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Tsao Baltimore acquires steel from Key Bridge Collapse for future line of watches

Tsao Watches
Posted at 10:40 PM, Jun 26, 2024

BALTIMORE — Alan Tsao started his Baltimore-based luxury watch company, Tsao Baltimore, back in 2017.

Since then, he has created a number of unique pieces, including his recent launch of the Natty Boh Moon watch, honoring the Baltimore-based beer company.

“It should be a story on your wrist, something that you can be proud to wear," says Alan Tsao.

Alan Tsao specializes in making watches that represent Maryland and some of its history.

From the Torsk-Diver named after the USS Torsk Submarine in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to the Constellation Chrono-Diver named after the USS Constellation ship.

“And a lot of my designs they all have a story around something Maryland, something Baltimore. From having the Maryland flag on the back of the watch of the movement or having the specific collection be a part of the story around Baltimore," says Tsao.

Now, he is working on a new collection, which he says has been highly requested:

A watch made from the steel cut right from the Key Bridge.

“A friend and customer of mine he was actually contracted to work on the demolition of the bridge," he says.

That friend asked their supervisor if they could give Tsao the steel. Once they got permission, they gave him 200 pounds.

Right now, he is deciding what elements of the watch he wants to use the steel for, and depending on what he chooses, he will be able to make between 50 and 150 watches.

Tsao’s company is also close to making its first million dollars, which he says has been a dream of his since before he sold his first watch.

“Super thankful for all of the people who supported me along the way; I couldn’t be here without the support of others," says Tsao.

He also plans to do something special with the watches he makes.

“Not only are we designing a really cool timepiece utilizing the bridge steel, but we are also donating 100 percent of the profits to the emergency fund that supports the families of the victims," says Tsao.

Tsao plans to have the watches available to buy by either the end of this year or spring of 2025.