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The Baltimore County Council is set to vote on plastic bag ban exemptions

Posted at 9:53 AM, Oct 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-16 09:53:37-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY — In just a few weeks, you'll want to make sure you bring your own bag when you shop in Baltimore County.

The plastic bags ban goes into effect on Nov.1.

The Baltimore County Council will vote on Monday on whether or not exempt liquor stores.

There are some stores that are exempt. However, liquor stores are currently not exempt.

According to the new law, small retail establishments with three or fewer locations operating solely in the county are exempt.

Customers can still get a paper bag, but starting on Nov.1, it will cost five cents per bag.

The amendment the council is voting on would exempt liquor stores from both the plastic bags ban and charging customers five cents per paper bag.

The goal of the "Bring Your Own Bag Act" is to encourage people to use reusable bags.

Some liquor store owners are hopeful the council passes the resolution.

The council is set to vote on the matter at 6 p.m.