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The Arc Baltimore helps man with developmental disabilities get his own home

Posted at 7:21 PM, Mar 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-15 19:21:08-04

BALTIMORE — It's been five long years filled with roadblocks and emotions, but now a man with developmental disabilities in North Baltimore finally has his to keys to independence, something he's always wanted.

"If I can do it, they can do it. All you got to do is have a good team behind you who really cares, not taking advantage of them," says Mervin Eyer, who worked with the Arc Baltimore to get his own home.

For the past seven days, Eyer has enjoyed the taste of his long awaited freedom.

As a man with developmental disabilities, he's spent the last half decade in the care of the Arc Baltimore. They're a disability services and support organization dedicated to helping people like Eyer thrive and live a fulfilling life.

In Eyer's case, he wanted his own home.

"The cost of housing is by far the number one barrier for people with disabilities," says Daniel Luchenbach, the holistic support manager with The Arc Baltimore.

Luchenback has worked closely with Eyer over the last five years. It was Luchenback's job to advocate for Eyer and ensure he got what he desired.

"Hey, let's save up. Hey, let's wipe out some of this credit so we can build up your credit score. Let's look together. Where would you like to live? What neighborhood is good for you? What's important to you? Mervin was the engine behind all of these decisions," says Luchenback.

Eyer is the engine that made everything go. Now, he's living in his own place, working and going to school. Eyer is excited about the freedom, saying there's nothing like having your own place.

"Take heed of the stuff given to you. Don't take it for granted and have a positive attitude," says Eyer.

He couldn't have done it without the help of the Arc Baltimore and says his strength comes from the man above.

"Keep god first. When you keep him in your life, nothing or nobody can take that away from you," says Eyer.