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Search for Baltimore sailor no longer considered 'active' status

Timeline shows Baltimore sailor's journey before going missing in Mexico
Posted at 12:02 PM, Aug 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-16 12:08:51-04

BALTIMORE — July 12 was the last time anyone heard from the Baltimore sailor Donald Lawson.

Donald was heading for the Panama Canal, but before he made it there, he texted his wife Jacqueline saying he'd lost the wind generator in a storm. As a result, he went back to Acapulco, Mexico for the repairs and that's when he went missing.

In a statement released by Jacqueline on Aug. 16, she says she traveled to Mexico and met with high-ranking representatives of the Mexican Navy and Mexican Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) to learn of the rescue efforts.

"During their lengthy informational briefings with me, I had the opportunity to review written reports describing their vigorous efforts to locate Donald. I also viewed numerous photos, both from the surface and underwater, of our de-masted and capsized SV/DEFIANT that were taken by MRCC divers," Jacqueline said.

A helicopter spotted Donald's 60-foot sailboat capsized 275 miles south of Acapulco on July 23.

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He reportedly had life rafts on board, leaving his family a glimmer of hope that he may still be alive.

However, the MRCC no longer considers the search for Donald an "active" status.

"I was also informed during the briefing that the search for Donald is no longer considered an ‘active’ status, but that the MRCC remains ‘on alert’ for any signs of Donald or the life raft. I haven’t given up, and neither have they. I will be providing additional thoughts and details of my trip to Acapulco in the near future," Jacqueline said in a statement.