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People enjoy the first official day of summer despite the heat

Elijah’s park at the Baltimore Peninsula
Posted at 10:55 PM, Jun 20, 2024

BALTIMORE — Baltimore city has issued the first code red in of the year, but it is not stopping people from enjoying the first official day of summer, even bringing the children out to play.

Elijah’s park at the Baltimore Peninsula was the perfect backdrop for an evening of fun.

It was also the first stop on a park tour for the Baltimore family alliance.

Joseph Di Seta says the park event is one of the ways the organization gathers neighbors to build community.

“We were looking at the temperatures were going to get closer to 100 and we were very worried about today like oh my gosh is everyone going to come out because it’s so hot and like I get it like I’d rather be in the air conditioner or jumping in the pool when it’s this hot.” says Joseph Di Seta.

Samantha Sines says her family did a number of activities including touring the railroad museum, she says this was the perfect way to end a fun day.

“I love that this playground is shaded and we wanted a fun way to hang out this evening. we got to do music with me and we got to do hula hoops and see the fire truck and there’s ice cream truck and just hang out as a family," says Samantha Sines.

With so many events in Baltimore this weekend, Theresa Di Seta says she encourages people to enjoy them, safely.

“I think you can still go outside safely and i just recommend you know going out in a small increments you know go out but listen again to your body," says Theresa Di Seta.

Governor Moore and health experts sent out warnings ahead of the heat wave.

Di Seta says he thinks it is good the state is getting the word out about the heat.

“If it’s 101 degrees I’m just like oh man what a hot day it is. I don’t think about anything else, I don’t think about how’s it gonna affect me, how is it going to affect me if I’m doing some thing but it really might have a big impact so I think that’s helpful to kind of put that out there. It’s informational, it keeps people informed and it’s educational," says Joseph Di Seta.

Baltimore City has announced a code red for the weekend, there are a number of festivals and events this weekend so officials encourage everyone to be safe and hydrated if you are outdoors.