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No charges for BPD officer who killed "No Shoot Zone" activist Tyree Moorehead

Body cam footage shows deadly encounter between police, "No Shoot Zone" activist
Posted at 12:46 PM, Sep 26, 2023

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore Police officer won't face charges for a deadly encounter with a community activist last fall.

New information about the incident was revealed in an investigative report released Tuesday by the Maryland Attorney General's Office.

On November 5, 2022 multiple 911 calls were made about a man holding a knife to a woman's neck at W. Lafayette and N. Fulton Avenues.

One caller was the suspect's father, who reported his son had mental issues.

Officer Zachary Rutherford arrived first to find 46-year-old Tyree Moorehead standing over top a woman with a butcher knife.

Body worn camera footage shows Rutherford ordering Moorehead to the ground, but he instead lunges and gets on top of the woman while holding the knife to her face.

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Rutherford then fires 13 rounds, causing Moorhead to roll over on his back with the knife still in hand.

Seconds go by and Moorehead is seen reaching out with the knife, prompting Rutherford to shoot once again.

Moorehead eventually died. The woman was not injured.

"It's clear the officer saved this lady's life," then Baltimore Police Commissioner, Michael Harrison said at the time.

State's Attorney Ivan Bates agreed and declined to press charges against Rutherford.

When interviewed later by detectives, Moorehead's father said his son was "never diagnosed, nor was he seeing any doctors or taking any medications." Toxicology testing was conducted on Moorehead following his death, and was negative.

At least one witness remembered the father trying to intervene, but Moorehead reportedly called him the "devil."

According to the Attorney General's report, the victim in all of this did not know Moorehead.

She'd gotten off the bus and told investigators that Moorehead ran up to her with a dog, asking for water.

The woman claims Moorehead then grabbed and dragged her into the middle of the street by her purse.

She recalled screaming for help and hearing Moorehead say "I’m going to kill you, stop moving.”

As for the dog, a witness came forward alleging that Moorehead had taken it from their backyard.

The dog's owner said she did not know Moorehead either, but witnessed him attacking the victim at knife point while holding her dog.

Moorehead was well known in the community for promoting "No Shoot Zones," in hopes of lessening violence in city neighborhoods.

Read the full report here.