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New online portal for reporting hate crimes and hate bias incidents

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Posted at 11:48 AM, Jun 04, 2024

There's a new way to report hate crimes and hate-bias incidents in Maryland today.

The Attorney General's office opened a new online Hate Crimes Response and Prevention portal with a place to report incidents and update on the Hate Crimes Commission that's been the subject of controversy.

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Attorney General Anthony Brown hopes the portal will help the state to better understand how often these incidents occur, as they tend to be underreported.

"There is no home for hate in Maryland," Brown said in a statement.

There are also resources, that show the number of hate/bias incidents from previous years, as well as the Hate Bias reports.

If you've experienced a hate crime or a hate-bias incident, you can also call the Hate Crimes Hotline at 1-866-481-8361.