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The summer youth curfew returns in Baltimore City

Posted at 11:15 PM, May 23, 2024

BALTIMORE — Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer and another youth curfew in Baltimore City.

City leaders are hoping once again to crack down on youth crime, this time by fine-tuning their approach.

The plan for the summer curfew looks a lot like last year's.

“Any young person under the age of 14 out after 9 p.m. and between the ages of 14 to 16 after 11pm without a parent or guardian," says Mayor Scott.

The Summer Youth Engagement will once again have late-night hours for city rec centers and events like midnight basketball and block parties.

But the announcement from Mayor Scott on Thursday adds more to the original plan.

This summer, there will also be mobile recreation, which will travel into neighborhoods.

All of this to make sure the youth are not out late committing crimes.

“Our goal is to engage positively people and encourage them to be safe,” says Stefanie Mavronis.

Hearing about the summer programs has some people excited that there will be something safe for the youth to do.

“What people always love the most about Brandon Scott is like how he cares about the youth, and he does seem to engage in care about the youth more than I’ve seen anyone do," says Jim who lives in Baltimore City.

The city is hoping to keep youth crime numbers down.

“This year we’re seeing half as many youth homicides in a more than 70% reduction in non-fatal shootings involving young people but despite the progress that we made violence, impacting young people is always a specific concerns as we head into the summer months," says Mayor Scott.

The first event for the Summer Youth Engagement Program is a sold-out event on Sunday, May 26th.

A Memorial Day concert and party down at Rash Field.

The rest of the Bmore Lit summer events kick off at the beginning of June.

Every Sunday: Bmore Night Hoops; July 14 to August 25th

Every Friday and Saturday: midnight basketball; July 12th to August 24th. Night Hype: June 28th to August 16th.

Rock the Block: June 27th

Splashfest Teen Pool Party: Pool Locations: July 5: Druid Hill Park Pool, 800 Wyman Pk. Dr.

July 19: Druid Hill Park Pool, 800 Wyman Pk. Dr.

August 9: Druid Hill Park Pool, 800 Wyman Pk. Dr.

August 16: Patterson Park Pool, 148 S. Linwood Ave.