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Maryland Fleet Week includes USS Constellation docked in Inner Harbor

Fleet Week
Posted at 5:32 PM, Jun 11, 2024

Fleet week is back in Baltimore. The free event will be full of ships, flights, festivals and sailors.

Raising a red flag in the Inner Harbor, but not why you might think. The 179-foot long ship called the USS Constellation is prepped and ready for Fleet Week.

"Fleet Week is a biannual celebration of Maryland’s waterways. The Port of Baltimore brings in fleets from our Navy and visiting ships and it's a time to celebrate,” said Steve Bountress, the Executive Director of Historic Ships in Baltimore.

Bountress said this week is important for all who work around the Inner Harbor.

"This is huge for the City of Baltimore, and the state of Maryland for our tourism and visitation. We'll have people staying in all the hotels and the Orioles are in town," said Bountress.

The USS Constellation is a highlight to check out. Brought to Baltimore in 1955, the ship is over 150 years old, and played an important role in capturing slave ships.

"The last all sails ship built by the U.S. Navy, and it was the flagship for the African Squadron, which captured three slave ships in the late 1860s," said Bountress.

Emilie King, the historic ships Chief Educator said, "We are going to be amongst the oldest joining fleet week."

King assists in the firing of the cannon as the second gunman on the ship. She says their role will be to take people back in time.

"What the naval life for people on board was like in the 1860's and kind of the day-to-day operations that we would do outside of when we didn't have machines and running water," said King.

Thi,s along with the nonprofit’s other historic ships, will be joined by 6 visiting ships.

While this week is full of ships and sailors, there will also be a few other treats at the harbor.

"The flyover program is Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 4. Every half hour there will be different vintage airplanes flying over," said Bountress, "At the event space there will be bands playing, food and vendors."

Fleet, flights and festivals, and a little something new this year for the kids.

"We'll have different stations set up for kids to go through and learn what it feels like to be a sailor. They'll learn how to caulk the decks of the ship. They'll be able to check out our robotics team," said Bountress.

Ships will be at Fells Point, North Locust Point and the Inner Harbor and open for tours starting June 13th.

To get updates pertaining to Fleet Week download the Fleet Week MD app or visit here.