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Man shot to death attempting to stop carjackers in Canton

Baltimore police
Posted at 10:00 AM, Aug 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-21 02:57:45-04

BALTIMORE — "I'm horrified, very surprised, and it's shocking that things like this are still going on," said Amaris Keiser, a resident in Canton.

It's the outrageous feelings for many neighbors near Canton Square who heard about 57-year-old Darrell Benner being shot to death during a robbery.

Benner's nephew told WMAR he went outside their home on South Curley Street near Canton Square around 12:30 a.m. on Friday to move his new car.

"Which all of us have to do if you're parking on the street," Keiser said.

That's when three men robbed him for the red Dodge Charger and as they were leaving, his uncle Darrell Benner tried to come to his aide with a BB gun chasing the men and was shot and killed.

"This is a very friendly neighborhood, welcoming neighborhood. And it's very upsetting and disappointing to hear that such a violent crime is happening in all parts of Baltimore, and that none of Baltimore is spared," Keiser said.

"I still usually think the square is pretty safe for the most part," said Nathaniel Sievers who lives near by. "I would say any time after midnight things can get a little, you know, more sketchy. It's still the city, it's still Baltimore and that comes with living in the city I guess."

Neighbors say they have seen an increased police presence but they're not sure if that makes them feel safer.

Homicide Detectives are asking anyone with information to contact them at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup.