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"King Q" dreams of bringing his 'positive flow' and energy to the world stage

"King Q" wants his dancing to put Baltimore in the positive spotlight
Posted at 5:40 AM, Jun 25, 2024

BALTIMORE — Quincy Mims has become known around Baltimore for his electric moves on the dance floor. He earned his respect on the Baltimore Club battle scene over the years. He's won the BMore Than Dance "King of Baltimore" competition and he's competed against some of the best dancers in other cities.

His versatility, confidence and his love for different types of music all contribute to his ability to keep his opponents on their heels and the crowd entertained.

"I dig into every style," Mims said.

"Pop [locking], ballet, salsa Afro [beat] I want part of everything."

After some experience on big stages like Red Bull's Dance Your Style competition, he feels like he's ready to showcase his talent on the world stage.

He credits his success to being a student of the game early on and watching those who came before him. One of his biggest inspirations are dancers Kai McFly, Dancing Brandon and the late DJ K-Swift.

Affectionately known to him as "Aunt K" he talks about the impact she left behind after her sudden death.

"She's not even here no more and her music still brings life into the city," Mims said. "That right here is the mark you want to make."

He hopes to make a similar impact through achieving his dreams and reaching back to help the next generation reach theirs too.

"I want to touch every dance stage I can get my hands on," he said. "My thing is, shine a bigger light, bring a bigger scene and put a bigger smile on faces for real. That’s my main goal."

If you run into Mims, he's usually full of positive energy, but he's been through his fair share of adversity in life.

He's been shot before. The scars are visible on his shoulder, forearm and elbow. However, when he talks about experiencing dark times he often brings up the light that can come out of them.

A motto he lives by: That all positive flow, brings all positive energy and brings them all positive vibes" is a mindset he wants to bring to everyone he meets and his art is a way to bring that motto to life every single day.

Watch the video to see Mims compete at the 2024 Red Bull Dance Your Style competition where he won two battles with a broken toe.

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Instagram: b.more_q