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'I respect their opinion to disagree': Local group denounces efforts of man protesting gun control legislation

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Posted at 5:32 PM, May 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-24 17:34:24-04

SEVERN, Md. — He's patrolling part of Severn with a rifle in his arms.

While what he's doing is legal, several groups want him to stop.

On Wednesday the Caucus of African American Leaders held a news conference to denounce J'Den McAdory.

They say his patrol is a recipe for violence and his protest patrol isn't something his neighborhood wants.

"Mr. McAdory, his actions were not encouraged by the community. Nor was it community oriented, but selfish on his part because all he could think about was how legal it is for him to carry. Never asking any community association if they desire his help in such a way. Mr. McAdory was not being responsible with his rights," said Bishop Antonio Palmer, President of the United Black Clergy.

McAdory says he's patrolling Severn in protest of recently signed gun laws and because he feels crime is rising in his neighborhood.

He knows people don't like what he's doing.

"Nobody is always going to always agree. This is America. You know what I mean? I respect their opinion to disagree, but they have to respect my opinion to do what I want do to, let me express a little bit of freedom in this country," McAdory said.

McAdory is protesting a law Governor Wes Moore recently signed that restricts where guns can be legally carried.

That law however, does not take into effect until October 1.

The NRA has also sued to block the law, calling it unconstitutional.

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