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Hit-and-run leaves 70-year-old Essex man dead

Victim became disoriented leaving grocery store
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Posted at 5:12 PM, Jun 05, 2024

ESSEX, Md. — He had walked to the nearby Shoppers grocery store on Eastern Boulevard many times before, but this time would be 70-year-old Ron Lefavore’s last.

“He was going to the store for me and he was gone for like three hours and I knew that wasn’t him, because he goes right over to the store and comes right back,” said Mary Darmsteadt, Lefavore’s wife of 50 years.

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Lefavore’s son says surveillance video from the shows him pushing his cart back and forth as he left the store as if he had lost his bearings.

“When he came out, if he would have made the left, he would have been right back to his house,” said Ron Lefavore, Jr., “but he made a right and then made a left up to 702, which my father is petrified of highways, like he don’t go on the highway for nothing."

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Investigators are now looking for a Ford F250 or F350 Super Duty truck like the one pictured here, which struck and killed Lefavore near the Marlyn Avenue overpass on Route 702—-shopping cart and all.


Tragically, other vehicles would also run over him as he lied in the road before someone pulled over and called police.

“If the first car… he might have still been alive. You know what I mean?” said Ron Lefavore, Jr, “The mirror did hit him so it could have just pushed him off. You know what I mean? And then the rest of the cars just… It’s crazy, you know? He didn’t deserve to die like that though man, you know what I mean? Nobody deserves to die like that.”

“To me, that’s really a cold-hearted person,” said Darmsteadt, “and how they could go home and go to sleep knowing that they had took somebody’s father and husband and stuff away from them and no family. You know. That hurts. That really hurts.”

If you have any information, which could help police in this case, you’re asked to call 410-887-5396.