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'He's a prodigy': East Baltimore boxer wins 3rd Golden Glove Championship

Posted at 5:25 PM, Feb 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-20 17:32:06-05

BALTIMORE — If you don't know the name Edward Lee III already, you may want to learn it now.

Trainers at the Mr. Mack Lewis Boxing Gym in East Baltimore compare the 15-year-old to world championship boxers like Gervonta davis and Vincent Pettway after winning his 3rd Golden Glove championship over the weekend.

"He's a prodigy. Edward is a prodigy," said his coach beaming with pride Monday after his championship just 2 days before.

"I feel like I had a dominant performance, all 3 rounds, had a tough opponent still pull through with a win," said Lee.

It's been quite the journey to the championship that included years of training with his coach Warren Boardley Sr. who's been a key influence in his corner since he was 8 years old.

"He fought a flawless fight. I didn’t have a whole lot of instructions for him," remembered Boardley.

Boardley shares the growth Lee's shown over the years has been incredible to watch and coach.

"You can’t imagine the feeling when you show a little guy that and it just grows. It’s like a snowball down the side of a snow covered hill. It gets bigger and bigger," Boardley expressed.

"Just me being young and able to lead and help out people I feel like, it really means a lot to me and it makes me keep going," said Lee.

Aside from emerging as a young leader in the gym, what gives him his edge is his family, and dedicated support system.

"My husband is a coach. I decided to join in and be a coach you know cause females are coming into Mack Lewis. We have to nurture the whole community," said Lakeesha Lee, the teen boxer's mom.

At just 114 pounds, when he's not packing a powerful punch, he's performing a perfect pirouette.

He started dancing whether it's ballet, hip hop, modern jazz at just 2-years-old.

"I feel like the discipline, the footwork and stamina and the different type of skills you need to have in both of the sports helps you each other in different ways," said Lee.

The 15-year-old plans to go to college, major in dance and continue fighting as a professional.

His family and friends have no doubt he has the right combo of talent and work ethic to take him to the top.

"Whatever he wants to be he can be but in the boxing world, next up from Baltimore would be Edward," Coach Boardley Sr. shared.

Lee is dreaming big and making those dreams a reality while pulling no punches.

"Maybe open up a dance studio, or another boxing gym for the youth or either take care of this one. Live on the Mack Lewis Name," said Lee.

To support Lee and young boxers at the Mr. Mack Lewis Boxing Gym and Community Center, visit here.