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'He is more than a dog, he is like my child': A connection torn apart after woman's dog is stolen

Lost Husky
Posted at 5:35 PM, Oct 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-18 17:51:12-04

BALTIMORE — A woman in West Baltimore is pleading for help and is on a mission to get her furry friend back. She says three thieves jumped over the fence off Presbury Street with her dog and took off.

For Ali Thomas, having a dog like Loki goes beyond the friendly licks and companionship. He's a member of the family.

"He is more than a dog; he is like my child. Anyone who knows me knows that my huskies are the most important thing to me,” said Thomas.

A connection that has been torn apart. Loki is one of four dogs Thomas calls her babies.

The red and white husky weighs 46 pounds and has a scar above his eye and on his right ear.

On Tuesday morning, while Thomas was at work, Loki and her other dog, Thor, were being temporarily housed at her uncles. They were kept in crates in the backyard.

"My uncle was coming home to let them out to feed them in the morning time and also let them get their exercise and use the bathroom,” said Thomas. “He said he was going in the house to get their water and their food he heard them barking.”

An alert that something wasn't right, her dogs were being taken.

"When he came outside, three children were jumping the gate with the dogs. He said that he chased them, and they were going into a junk yard. My uncle was able to get back Thor, but he wasn't able to get back Loki,” said Thomas.

Thomas reported it to the police and is now looking at all options for spreading the word.

"I’ve reported him missing to the vet also to the microchip company. I have asked all my friends to post his picture. I drove around for 13 hours just looking for him; I actually walked the neighborhood three or four times,” said Thomas.

She said it's not only her feeling the pain; “His brother is actually missing him the most. They are littermates and they're codependent on one another, so Thor is having the most trouble. He's not sleeping at night; he's not eating; he's crying.”

For now, passing out flyers and posting on social media is the hope she carries that Loki will be returned to her arms.

Anyone with information can call Thomas at 443-802-4841 or call BARCS. She said there is no questions asked and a reward for his return.