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Blue Angels race across the sky at the Naval Academy in Annapolis

Blue Angels
Blue Angels
Blue Angels
Posted at 5:33 PM, May 22, 2024

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A treat for all ages, the Blue Angels are in Annapolis for the US Naval Academy Commissioning Week, a tradition that started in 1947.

Six FA 18 Super Hornets race across the sky, performing precise aerobatic maneuvers above the Severn River.

It's a performance over the Naval Academy that's been occurring for decades.

For some their first time laying their eyes on this show was breathtaking. "You're almost frightened for them getting so close together, but they're wonderful. Precision, great,” said Sandy Taylor, a
spectator at the show.

"I've seen quite a few airshows, and it was the best I’ve seen. It's magnificent as far as I’m concerned,” said Lynn Taylor, who was also at the Naval Academy to watch the show.

For others taking the rolls, breakouts, and loops in the air can cause a startle. Especially when, at times, the wings can be as close as 12 to 16 inches apart.

"I'm not a good driver, so it's hard for me to see, you know, in the air being that close to each other. They can hit each other very easily, so they must have practiced a lot because it was amazing,” said Yodit Seifu.

A tradition that's part of the commissioning week and is especially important for the grads as some of them will be in those cockpits in a matter of years.

"When people see the Blue Angels, they see how amazing naval aviation is,” said Colonel JP McDonough, the Naval Academy Commandment of Midshipmen. "So, it's not only inspiring for all of us but also inspiring that people could be future Blue Angels and are going to be fighter pilots.”

This year, three Naval Academy graduates are part of the team.