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Baltimoreans take a splash in the Inner Harbor

Harbor Splash event
Posted at 10:13 PM, Jun 23, 2024

BALTIMORE — The Harbor Splash was the first public swimming event in over 40 years, and now the water is considered safe for swimming and fishing.

Waterfront Partnership has been working to have a clean harbor for the last decade.

With weekly testing of the water and creating Mr. Trash Wheel, the company has finally accomplished its goal, and many people are excited about it.

"I'm just excited to get out there. I mean, I fish in this harbor every week with the magnet fishing crew and were used to being in the water, so I know it's safe, and I'm just excited to prove a point today," says Evan Woodard.

People had floats of all shapes and sizes and their best swimming gear, ready to take a dive in the water.

Evan Serpick, a Baltimore native, says having the harbor available for swimming opens up new opportunities for the city.

"I've wanted to swim in the harbor my whole life. I grew up here, and we're a waterfront city, and it always seemed like a lost opportunity not to be able to take advantage of the water, recreational sports, water sports, that sort of thing, so I think it's great," says Serpick.

Although the water is safe for swimming, waterfront partnership says people are not allowed to swim in the harbor except for designated events.