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Baltimore skate shop competing in X Games Showdown

Skate Shop Competition
Posted at 6:16 PM, May 17, 2024

BALTIMORE — Some local skaters are representing Baltimore as they make their way to the top in the national competition X Games Showdown.

In a bracket style competition, 16 skate shops across the U.S. are facing off to be number one in the X Games Showdown. One of them is our very own VU Skate Shop of Baltimore.

"X Games just reached out to us, yeah they just reached out to us presented if we wanted to be a part of it,” said Max Cramer, VU Skate Shop Manager.

Skaters get to show off their best tricks in a two-minute video.

"We had all our riders which is, I believe, it's like 12 to 15 people and one Filmer Andrew Real, we all came together. We each had one trick, some had a few tricks," said Cramer.

Cramer has a trick in the video. He said some of the team shot video of their talent here in Baltimore and some did it in California.

"First it's my friend TJ, he's skating this ledge that is curved and then it is me. Which he does a Tailslide 360 and then I do a Tailslide with a flip out,” said Cramer.

The videos are posted on the X Games website. Two teams compete against each other at a time as they move through the competition. Whoever has the most votes moves on to the next level.

VU Skate Shop competed against other shops on the East Coast and won.

"Like how we started against our friends at Orchard Skate Shop up in Boston, “said Cramer.

Now, they're in the top four competing this week against 303 Skateboard Shop based out of Denver, Colorado.

"We are just excited, kind of shocked that we made it this far but we just hope to make it to the final two, that'd be awesome,” said Cramer.

The team that wins gets $10,000 toward their skateboard shop.

Voting for this round ends at noon Saturday. To cast your vote, click here.