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Baltimore County Jewish community calls for release of Israeli hostages in Gaza

Posted at 11:14 PM, Oct 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-18 23:14:02-04

PIKESVILLE, Md. — It's been over a week since the initial attack on Israel, and tensions across the United States continue to rise.

Last week, Baltimore Jewish organizations showed their solidarity with Israel. This week they are calling for action.

The main thing on their minds is the hostages who are still under Hamas’ control.

“I myself have family on my dad’s side that is right now captured in Gaza. I can’t even put it into words how hard it is. It’s nothing that anybody who doesn’t have family right now that is captured in the boarder of Gaza with Hamas. I don’t think can tell you. I don’t think can express to you that feeling of hardship," said Caren Leven.

The number of people killed in Hamas’ initial attack on Israel still haunts many Jewish people.

They continue to mourn those deaths.

“Twelve hundred doesn’t sound like such a gigantic number, but when the population of the country is only about 10 million compared to America’s 300 million, it really puts it into perspective," said Ayden Leven.

Hamas says it's holding as many as 250 hostages, including Americans.

Hamas leaders are using those hostages as leverage, but they haven't said what they want.

Meanwhile, the death toll among Palestinian citizens continues to rise.

“It's tragic and unfortunate, to say the least, what’s happening to the people in Gaza, but Israel is faced with an existential challenge here, and I am confident that Israel will do all it can to deal with Hamas and to minimize and avoid any civilian casualties," said Jay Bernstein.

Many of the people we spoke with don’t believe the war will end anytime soon, and they are hoping Israel will save all hostages.