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Baltimore-area Michigan State alumni honor mass shooting victims

Baltimore Spartans
Posted at 6:53 PM, Feb 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-20 23:21:36-05

BALTIMORE — A week ago Monday, the country watched as a mass shooting on a college campus took three lives and injured several more.

A close-knit group of Michigan State University alumni living in the Baltimore area honored the mass shooting victims over the weekend. Baltimore Spartans joined together to support one another after the shooting, which claimed nine total victims, took place at their alma mater.

For Moe Shoots, president of Baltimore Spartans, last Monday was a difficult one. He knows old coworkers and friends in East Lansing, and texted them as soon as he heard the news to make sure they were okay.

Shoots lives in the Baltimore area now. For he and others here at home with connections to Michigan State, it was - and still is - a lot to process.

"It was a long night for us," said Shoots. "We were staying up, just watching and listening to the news and trying to figure out everything going on.”

Members of the local group discussed what they could do. The group got the word out on their social media pages - a vigil was scheduled to allow folks to honor the victims here at home.

A Saturday gathering on the Canton waterfront was attended by several dozen people, some with no connection to MSU at all, who spent a few moments of their Saturdays to show support for the Michigan State community.

"That is such a life-changing moment," Shoots added. "Even if we weren’t in East Lansing, it changes your life and changes your perspective on a lot of things."

Michigan State students and staff went back to class Monday, a week after authorities say a 43-year-old gunman killed three students and injured six others at Michigan State last week.

The shooting prompted difficult discussions within the Baltimore group.

"Every conversation was different, but we all had the common ground that we’re all grieving and we all just want to do what we can to support Michigan State."

Shoots told WMAR-2 News they’re urging folks to donate to the Spartan Strong fund - set up for those the shooting impacted.

"That’s why we did the vigil, really," Shoots added. "To come together and just support each other."