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Aspiring barbers get opportunity to get Maryland State Barbers License

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 09, 2024

ODENTON, Md. — Giving kids an alternate route to their dream of earning their Maryland State Barber License.

It's what Marquis Kendrick, owner of Kendrick's Barbershop, is doing after he says many face a barrier that shouldn't be there.

Inside Kendrick's located in Odenton, you'll find two Anne Arundel County students, Jaiden Martin and Tyre White, who are in the Barbershop Intern Project Program.

It's a rare opportunity for these 16-year-old's working to get their barbers license.

"[For] me, being in a situation like this and surrounded by people that are all doing serious about what they're doing, I think it's had a really positive effect on me, especially with my work," says Jaiden Martin, who's been in the program for four months.

There, they have two different types of learning days. A theory day, which centers their focus in the books and a practical day, where they practice cutting and shaving on a mannequin or on actual clients.

"I just feel like getting in the barbershop is making me a better person and being around serious people and people that want the same thing I want," says Tyre White, who's spent two months in program.

Both teenagers applied to the barbering program at Anne Arundel County's Center for Applied Technology. Both were put on the wait list and never thought they had a chance of getting in.

That's when the owner of Kendrick's stepped up to the plate.

"Just [wanted] to give them another path, another opportunity, or another way of doing it instead of just waiting. Also, giving back. That's something that I love to do. Something that I love to help, especially with the next generation," says Kendrick.

Under Kendrick's guidance - four teenagers, including White and Martin, are working to complete at least 1,650 hours to be eligible to take the Maryland State Board Exam.

What was once a roadblock, being put on the waiting list, has turned into a pivotal life lesson and experience as the two continue logging hours, helping them reach their ultimate goal, being official barbers.

"[I] have hope that anything can happen because at first, I didn't know if I was gonna get accepted into the program. But it's nothing you can do but sit back and wait and see what comes your way," says White.

The learning curves and stuff like cutting these mannequins and preparing for the test, it's a lot of stuff. So I would say, it would be a really big relief but at the same time you feel like you're the man now because you accomplished it you're official now," says Martin.

Kendrick says thanks to donations this program will continue next year. He hopes it'll extend further than that.

If you would like to help, visit their website to learn more.