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Appeal for help after mass shooting at Brooklyn Homes

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Posted at 4:59 PM, Aug 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-23 19:08:57-04

BROOKLYN, Md. — The Well in Curtis Bay serves women in crisis, while the City of Refuge in Brooklyn feeds the food deprived, helps people get jobs and wants to give some a place to live.

“The idea here is that most folks don’t get into crisis overnight, and they need people to walk with them,” said Rev. Billy Humphrey of the City of Refuge.

In an area where gangs, drugs and sex trafficking are commonplace, the mass shooting at Brooklyn Homes didn’t necessarily surprise them.

“Unfortunately, Brooklyn was violent before this mass shooting, and it was that next thing, and it highlights even more the work we have to do together,” said Humphrey.

To that end, the non-profits reached out to Maryland senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen during a tour of their facilities.

Two men who pledge to find more federal resources in the aftermath of the state’s largest mass shooting in its history.

“That was a clear warning signal that much more needs to be done to help these neighborhoods,” said Van Hollen.

While the mass shooting has highlighted the need for more resources in this area, there’s no ignoring the ongoing challenge of insuring public safety.

Baltimore City Councilwoman Phylicia Porter is confronting the problem head on.

“I am frustrated,” said Porter, “I will tell you that’s at top of mind when I speak with the families.”

But she has received assurances that the city will soon focus its crime reduction efforts on her district.

“Their plan is actually to move into South Baltimore in Quarter 3 of this year,” said Porter, “and I’ve confirmed with Acting Director Mavronis that is indeed on track, if not, it will be escalated and accelerated as we’ve seen that uptick in violence in the Brooklyn and Curtis Bay area in South Baltimore.”