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Anne Arundel County artist creates unique art out of cardboard

Cardboard Art
Cardboard Art
Cardboard Art Design
Cardboard Art
Posted at 5:30 PM, Jun 10, 2024

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. — An artist in Anne Arundel County is taking something as simple as cardboard and turning it into expressive art.

When looking at a cardboard box, one might think of storage, moving or shipping. But Shirley Perry-Church looks at it and sees art.

"I have to pinch myself sometimes and say oh my goodness you did that, you're where you got what. It's awesome, this is what cardboard does for me,” said Church, a Carboard Artist and an Architect.

It started when Church was a teacher in Louisiana.

"I started the kids out, middle school students, building replicas of different models of houses,” said Church.

After retiring, she wanted to take this form of art to the next level, moving to Texas then Maryland, she perfected the artwork in the process.

"It was all random. I’m like, ok, I’m going to play with some cardboard and glue some pieces together, and low and behold, years later, I came up with this,” said Church.

Church said creating a detailed piece takes about 6 months to do. Her experience working as an Engineering Technician for the Naval Air Station helps. During her time there, she was replacing and repairing parts for the F-14 system.

"Those parts are coming in from all over the world, and in doing so, when they got to the Naval Station they had to match, so the same thing here," said Church.

She starts by sketching out the design. Then, it’s on to measuring and cutting the cardboard pieces, making sure they're exact.

Church said,"You have to be very precise, precision is key, because I do it by hand."

Some pieces tell a story that relates to her life. "With this house, I built this as a tribute to honor my grandmother," said Church."She would have never dreamed of owning something like this."

While other pieces are educational. "Here's an example of teaching our children of the importance of brushing their teeth daily. Teaching adults about the interior of the teeth so that they can appreciate what it means to take care of your teeth,” Church said.

So far she's done over a hundred pieces. One of which was displayed at the Odenton Library. It is a replica of the building.

"There are over 2000 tiny little books in that library," said Church, “I have all kinds of characters in it. So when you look in it you really feel like you are walking through the Odenton Regional Library.”

She said the educational dental piece will be displayed in the library next.

To take a look at her artwork, head here.