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Animal cruelty caught on camera has a family fearing for their cat's life

Animal Abuse
Animal Cruelty
Animal Abuse
Posted at 4:31 PM, May 28, 2024

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — A person was caught on Ring video throwing rocks under a car in a neighborhood in Owings Mills.

The neighbor said it was animal cruelty to their cat.

Meet Greyson, a playful kitty that loves to cuddle and join in on watching bird videos.

He's one-year-old and one family’s furry companion, but on the morning of May 22, a disturbing surprise left them in shock.

"I heard someone outside crying and I came outside and my daughter was balled up," said Linda whose daughter owns the cat."I put my arms around her real tight and her kitten was just sitting there with blood oozing out of it's eyes it couldn't move and it was just sitting there helpless.”

Ring video from a neighbor shows what happened earlier that morning. Linda said someone who lives a few houses down was seen in front of their house.

"He came outside, he watched his wife back out of the driveway and then the video shows him like he's walking back to his door and then at 6:31, it shows him walking down to the dead end where we are positioning himself on our vehicle and hurling stones so loud you can hear all the popping noise,” said Linda.

Linda said this continued on,"Our kitten was under the vehicle and he just continued to hurl the stones and pop them and he would step back like he was waiting for the cat to emerge from the vehicle.”

After calling 911, her daughter and a friend transported the kitten to the Veterinary Emergency Group Hospital in Pikesville.

"We were at the vet for the rest of the evening the cat has a broken jaw, he busted both of the cats eye sockets, the kittens bottom teeth pierced through his tongue,” said Linda.

She said the kitten is now on a feeding tube and pain medication.

We knocked on the door of the home where the person on video lives. When someone said hello behind the closed door, we asked if they wanted to talk about what happened, but no one responded or opened the door.

Linda said they filed a report with the Baltimore County Police.

In response to a request for more information, Baltimore County Police spokesperson told WMAR they responded to the animal cruelty call and are currently investigating. Even returning while we were there, knocking on the door of the person seen in the video.

Linda said, "It's not an outdoor cat it didn't know how to protect itself it didn't run up a tree or try to do anything it was just hiding.”

The vet costs are already over $2,000. Now, the vet said the cat must have jaw surgery which will cost up to $10,000.

Linda said they've never spoken to these neighbors and are unsure of why this happened.

The family has since created a GoFundMe to help cover surgery costs. To donate, click here.