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9 homes damaged by early morning fire in Canton

Canton Fire
Canton Fire
Posted at 5:17 PM, Jun 25, 2024

BALTIMORE — A three-alarm fire spread through a group of homes in Canton early Tuesday morning, displacing many families.

It was the middle of the night when a loud noise echoed throughout the 3000 block of Hudson Street.

"I've never woken up to anything like that before. Certainly heard sirens before, but this was like right on top of us,” said Ken Brill, who lives down the block.

A noise that turned into a feeling for Maura Taylor, who said they woke up to see the house behind them on Decker Street engulfed in flames.

"You could hear the popping from the electrical wires and seeing it spread house to house down the alley and just feel like, the intense heat from the fire,” said Taylor.

Just before three in the morning, a fire started and spread to other buildings, including four rooftop decks in Canton.

Deputy Chief Khalilah Yancey with the Baltimore City Fire Department said one firefighter had minor injuries.

"Upon arrival, they found a dwelling that was fully engulfed with fire through the roof. The fire quickly spread and we extended the scene to a three-alarm,” said Yancey.

Nine homes were affected. Although no one living in the buildings got hurt, neighbor Ken Brill said some were just beginning their lives there, while others were ready to move out.

"I heard one family had literally just moved in, [just] in the last week. There was another couple that was actually scheduled to move out from Baltimore in like two weeks. So, it's just crazy cause obviously you lose all your possessions and it's just totally chaotic,” said Brill.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Church on the Square is accepting donations for those families misplaced from the fire. To donate, head here,