SPCA clinic not just for pets adopted there

Posted at 7:35 PM, Apr 21, 2016

The Maryland SPCA wants to make sure every pet that leaves the shelter lives a long and happy life.

One way the organization aims to accomplish that is through its wellness clinic. The clinic can take up to 50 calls a day and on average sees about 5,000 pets a year.

"We do wellness care, we do annual vaccines, general health checks," Alisa Wardrup of the Maryland SPCA said.

Dentistry as well as spaying and neutering pets are also among the list of wellness services the clinic provides. The other part of the mission is to educate people on how to be good pet owners.

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"We consider it a package deal that you can't have a healthy pet without a knowledgeable and healthy pet owner," Wardrup said.

The clinic isn't just available to those who have adopted animals from the Maryland SPCA.

"We love seeing everyone from the public, so it's not just about people who have adopted recenlty from the shelter," Wardrup said. "We really enjoy working with the community as a whole so we offer discounts to public service members, veterans, senior citizens so we can help them."

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