Dining for a good cause

Posted at 10:47 AM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 10:47:30-04

For our foodie-philanthropist-blog readers, this app is for you.  It's called Full Society, created by a team of students at Johns Hopkins University.  You can split a tab, pay the bill, leave a tip PLUS give a donation to the charities working with Full Society.  Pretty sweet, right?

I reached out to the group to get more details about it and Jose Otero was kind enough to answer my questions.  

How It Works

Otero says the app only works with restaurants who have agreed to participate with Full Society (so far the list includes Hightopps Backstage, Grand Cru, Langermann's and Alma Cocina Latina)  When you go to one of these restaurants, you tell your server you're using the app for your bill.  Once it's time to pay the tab, you'll see a "share a meal" option, which will send a donation to a charity.  Otero says you can round up your check in 99-cent increments to make a donation.

An Idea Was Born

Otero says the idea came from JHU alum Paige Cantlin, who worked as a server and bartender while going to college.  While working toward her MBA at Hopkins, she developed the concept of Full Society as a way for diners to give back to their communities and help feed the less fortunate.  A smart woman with a big heart.  You go Paige!

Who Benefits

Right now, Otero says they have three charities who are working with them: The Helping Up Mission, Paul's Place and the Maryland Farmers Market Association.  They were chosen because of their mission to end hunger in Baltimore.

Full Society is still in the beta phase and they're looking for beta testers.  I love the idea of this, and I hope more Baltimore restaurants will jump on board.  To become a beta tester, or just learn more about their app, check out their website.

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