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Complicated work to remove unstable wreckage before refloating Dali

Posted at 6:56 PM, May 17, 2024

BALTIMORE — After Monday's controlled demolition of the piece of steel lying across the Dali, officials expected to refloat the ship about two days later.

That time has come and gone. The complicated work is taking longer than anticipated.

Newly released video from the Unified Command, which you can watch in the clip above, shows crews on board the Dali as they continue clearing the wreckage.

Even after the steel truss was blown into the river, part of the roadway is still resting on top the ship's bow. If you look closely - you can see workers standing on that roadway.

There's two major steps that need to happen before the Dali is refloated and later removed from the channel.

Crews are first removing submerged and unstable wreckage that was sent into the river during the controlled demolition.

That will allow divers to have safe access to the water near the vessel for the next step - surveying the riverbed to ensure it's clear of any obstructions.

This work is all underway and is expected to be completed in the coming days.

So when will crews refloat the Dali? Here's Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Gautier at a House committee hearing on Wednesday.

"I'll report today that the Dali will be able to be refloated and removed from that site early next week is what they're looking at."