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Artist creates mural for fallen workers from the Key Bridge

Posted at 11:14 PM, Apr 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-08 17:56:07-04

HAWKINS POINT, Md — Six crosses, each one displaying the name of each of the men who died from the key bridge collapse, draped in their native countries flag topped with a hard hat.

This is all part of a mural one artist created in the men’s honor.

Val Levin, like many others, comes to this sight to pay their respects and add to the display.

He says it was important for him to visit the mural and show his respects to the fallen workers.

“Their work benefited the region and the community in general, and this is something that affects them, their families, the livelihood of their families," says Val Levin.

Bunkey Taylor, who has been with Brawner Builders Construction for almost 12 years, says this loss for him was like losing a member of his own family.

“Well, I’ve had a few of them on my crew at different times, and just a great bunch of individuals hard working, family oriented and just enjoyable to work with and be with, and the kind of people you know you can depend on," says Bunkey Taylor.

Taylor says the mural is a beautiful way to honor the men and show support for their families.

Families who have visited the sight and brought personal items with them to add to the mural.

The Dallas-based artist, Roberto Marquez, creates murals like this one in many places.

He says this time it is different because of the personal touch everyone who visits adds to the display.

“Were doing what we can here, you know this is, once again, this is a collective work, and the least I could do is work on the memorial try to make it as best as possible," says Roberto Marquez.

David Horne says he came to pay his respects to the families, and he is hoping all six families will get closure soon as first responders find the bodies of the remaining three workers.

He says it's important to think about the crews out there each day, putting their lives on the line as well.

“I'm praying for the people who are taking the bridge apart now, for the divers, and for the Craine operators so nobody gets hurt. We want everybody to come out of there safe," says David Horne.

The three remaining workers whose bodies have not been recovered yet are Jose Lopez, Miguel Luna, and Carlos Hernandez.