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It's a Bird, It's a Plane...No, It's The Blue Angels!

Posted at 10:58 AM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 08:14:23-04

The Blue Angels are back!

If you have ever wondered how they got their name, here's how: The team was at a show in Omaha, Nebraska in July 1946 and was introduced as the "Blue Angels" for the first time ever.

Maruice Wickendoll, AKA "Wick", the Right Wing Pilot Lt. was looking at a column called Goings On About Town in the New Yorker Magazine, saw the name and Voris said, "That sounds great! The Blue Angels. Navy, Blue, and Flying!"

Everything came together for the perfect name! The perfect name deserves perfect weather and that is exactly what's in the forecast. The weather today and tomorrow will be bold and beautiful for the women and men in blue.

They have a practice performance today in Annapolis. The flight demonstration begins at 2 p.m. above the Severn River as a part of the United States Naval Academy's Commissioning Week. The practice today is in preparation for the dazzling air show tomorrow.