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Revitalize Baltimore, take a look at some of the places around Baltimore getting upgraded

'I think the local leaders are taking the opportunity to listen'
Posted: 2:08 PM, Apr 28, 2022
Updated: 2022-04-28 17:32:43-04
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BALTIMORE — With news of Harborplace getting revitalized, Baltimore residents are thrilled.

Baltimore based MCB Real Estate agreed to acquire the attraction and bring new attractions. With things getting worse before they get better, a lot of stores left.

Most recently, the H&M clothing retailer closed its doors leaving only Hooters at Harborplace's Light Street Pavilion. The exact plans to revitalize haven't been released, and this announcement left many eager to see what comes next.

However, Harborplace isn't the only attraction getting an upgrade. Places like Mondawmin, Security Square Mall, Mill Station in Owings Mills and Port Covington are bringing much needed life to their communities.

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After Target left in 2018, Mondawmin will be remodeled. The CEO of Whiting Turner purchased the building to revitalize the mall and many of the employees are excited for it.

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Jae Williams, an employee at the Jimmy Jazz shoe retailer, believes it will bring more life to the area.

"Having newer and upgraded stores is an overall positive thing for the community," Williams said.

He also believes this will bring more people out of their homes because the mall is fighting an uphill battle with online shoppers.

"Being around people has been on the downside, but people like new things. New areas just bring a new atmosphere to the environment," Williams adds.

Other employees hope healthier food options are on the way too. Some employees believe a Walmart should replace the Target.

"We need better stores that have good produce like a Walmart. There's nothing healthy to eat here, it's only Burger King and that's not helping these kids grow," said some employees at Shoe City.

Regardless of what new stores are coming, the fact that the community is moving forward with these upgrades is enough for people.

"They (the community) deserve this and people aren't going to change unless the community does," said a Shoe City employee.

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The area of Owings Mills is revitalized as well, but they didn't go the traditional route. The area doesn't have a mall anymore. Instead they surrounded the area with numerous stores.

Known as Mill Station, Milton Morning knew the community was playing the long game by getting rid of the mall.

"I knew it would bring more money to this community, especially Owings Mills," said Morning, a MOD Pizza employee.

The area is filled with places to eat including a Jersey Mike's Subs, Greene Turtle, Red Lobster and Red Robin.

Mill Station restaurants

Long time resident, Randy Lerman, enjoys the new variety in the area.

"You're getting your Mediterranean food, you're getting the Asian restaurant that hasn't had a place anywhere close to this area, you're going to have a Boardwalk Fries and its places that this area has sorely lacked," said Lerman.

Lerman adds that leaders are listening to the community.

"I do think we've come at a time now, with social media being so prevalent, that you do have the option to reach out to them, but they are finally starting to get it. And I think it's important that they keep up with the good work that they've already started doing," Lerman said.

Mill Station is not only home to both a Costco and Giant super market, but an AMC Theater as well. Morning feels that since the area keeps expanding, more people in the community are out and about.


"I think all these businesses bring out a newer type of people. It brings outs the young adults, the young, older people and just all demographics," Morning adds.

Security Square Mall is the newest place on the revitalization list and change is something the community has been seeking for years.

"We've all been talking and writing letters and contacting our public officials and pushing for change. So, it's good to see this change. But some of the things that have led up to it haven't involved us. So, we're hoping that going forward, we will be part of the Charrette Process, and we will be part of any conversations that go on as far as what businesses come here," said Baltimore County Resident, Kimberly Shorter.

The mall will be revamped in a few years and people it will hope it will have new store and better places to eat.

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Last but not least, we turn our attention to Port Covington. It will serve as the largest urban revitalization project in the country.

The site will house five major buildings, several gathering spots and 10 acres of open space for public use according to Marc Weller, President and Founder of Weller Development.

Once finished, Port Covington will be comparable in scale to Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Developers say the project will be finished by December.

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